Counseling & Therapy



ACT provides counseling services for individuals and families, designed to help persons in emotional distress, parents and children reunifying after legal separation, and individuals referred by the courts or other social agencies.

ACT accepts several Medi-Cal based insurances.  In the absence of a qualifying insurance, fees are determined on a sliding scale.

Languages: English, Spanish, Hindi and Vietnamese.



ACT practices evidence-based therapy. You won’t be lying on a couch for years recounting your childhood. Instead, with the active participation of both you and your therapist, the focus is on working toward solutions to current problems.


Getting Started




The healing starts with a telephone call to ACT.
Our front office coordinator will ask for your name, phone number and the type of service you are requesting. If you have been referred by another agency, please provide the name of the contact person at that agency and their telephone number. Then you will be transferred to someone to complete the enrollment directly or within two business days.

We are currently providing services by phone or HIPAA-compliant online platforms due to COVID.

Here you can describe what brings you to seek therapy. If you have been referred by another agency, please provide any relevant documents — a copy of the court orders, for example.  You will be asked to provide insurance information (if any), and a fee or co-pay will be set at this time.  Once the enrollment process is completed, you will be assigned a therapist who will make an appointment to see you within two weeks.  We will make every effort to accommodate your availability.

Your therapist will first conduct a detailed history and assessment in order to create a treatment plan.  Therapy sessions are generally made weekly for 50-minutes.  With your permission, your therapist will try to contact the referring party to ensure that referring treatment objectives are met.  If indicated, interim and summary letters, which you will receive a copy of, will be prepared and sent to relevant parties — always with your consent.