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ACT was incorporated in 1956 to sponsor the client-managed “Fireside Friendship Club” for persons with serious mental illness. FFC was a therapeutic, social club that worked to establish a firm foundation for everyday life.

Over the years ACT earned a strong reputation for intervention, innovation, and therapy. ACT has diversified, and its mental health services now extend to individual, family and group therapy, with a focus on parent/child reunification, child trauma and healing families.

Wanda Irene Alexander Broadie


Wanda dedicated over 50 years at ACT for Mental Health as a volunteer, counselor and CEO. Wanda was a recipient of the local Jefferson Award for Public Service in 2013 and the Community Hero Award from the Santa Clara Department of Behavioral Health in 2018. Wanda has been recognized as a lifelong mental health advocate and treatment pioneer. Under Wanda's leadership, her goal was to ensure ACT stays open for people who are in need of affordable mental health services in Santa Clara County.

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