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2022 Annual Letter

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Happy Holidays!

The holidays are once again upon us, and I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate what

we have done together as a community to support each other. I also would like to express my

gratitude toward all who have been part of the of ACT family for the year 2022, including our

donors, grantors, the staff, the Board of Directors, and most importantly our clients.

Thanks to our generous grantors, we have had two projects which support those who have no

or limited insurance for mental healthcare: (1) the court scholarship which subsidizes most of

the cost for court mandated therapy and the clients only pay $25 per session and (2)

Counseling for Latinx Community which covers 100% of the cost for those who have speak

Spanish without access to mental health care. It is you, ACT’s donors, and grantors, have made

these projects and low-cost therapy possible for the community.

Thus, once again, we are reaching out asking you to join us in supporting the low-income

families who do not have access to mental health care who live in Santa Clara County. As an

agency, we continue to support our clients by creating a trusting environment where the clients

can learn to trust and feel safe knowing that they have the capacity and the skills to navigate

their surrounding both physically and emotionally.

Our annual report included affirming your trust in our work of contributing to better our

community one individual at a time. Our dedicated and talented staff through the years have

seen the suffering and affliction experienced by clients who have experienced poverty, abuse,

and neglect due to heartbreaking circumstances that were no fault of their own. We are asking

for your support and generosity and we are looking forward to working with you, the board

members, volunteers, and staff to make a difference in the lives of those who come to ACT for

support by helping them realize their potential regardless of their income, background, and


Wishing you the gifts of Peace, Joy, and Hope,

Anna Nguyen and the Board of Directors


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